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The Special Operations Memorial Foundation has recently developed and dedicated a memorial to honor the K9s who have worked along side our operators in efforts to defeat those who mean to do harm to the United States of America and our allies.  Our K9s go through the hardest selection process.  Some would say that selection to be a K9 in the Special Operations community is hard than BUDS or the Q-Course.  The washout rate for a SOF K9 is upwards of 80%.  Program Managers of the SOF Commands look for specific traits that will ensure the best K9s in the military.

SOCOM recognizes the commitment and sacrifice of our handlers and K9s.  The memorial that Special Operations Memorial Foundation dedicated during the Special Operations Memorial Day Ceremony is to memorialize the K9s that paid the ultimate sacrifice.  This memorial honors these K9s that were Killed In Action (KIA) so that we can remember that these dogs have saved the lives of our operators who, with love of country, kit up, secure their K9s, and conduct operations in the name of freedom.

We must remember these K9s.  Those who lost their lives to protect SOF operator by sensing an ambush and alerting his handler.  Those who have saved lives of civilians and families by detecting an Improvised Explosive Device 

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